How to help us


Even a small contribution can be important to improve the lives of many people with thalassemia and sickle cell disease

You can make your donation via BANK TRANSFER made out to:



Verona Branch - Agency 37

IBAN Code IT 91 G 0503411710000000005607




5 per thousand

The 5 per thousand is the destination of a portion of the IRPEF that the citizen-taxpayer is required to pay to the state, but can decide to allocate it to support organizations that carry out socially relevant activities (non-profit, scientific and health research).

Help us by allocating the 5 per thousand to THADREV ONLUS , with a simple gesture that does not involve any additional cost .

Just sign in the appropriate box of the CUD, of the 730 model, or of the Single Individual Model, and enter the tax code of the association in the appropriate space: 93075570239 .

The destination choices of 8 per thousand and 5 per thousand of IRPEF are in no way alternatives to each other. Therefore both can be expressed.

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